Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding Joy

I have a goal to be happy.
Why do you need a goal to be happy, you ask? Aren't you already happy?
Of course I am.

But my goal is to be super, ridiculously, outrageously happy.
And that can only happen if I choose it. If I whisper it to myself everyday.

*I am happy*
*I am happy*
*I am happy*

Over and over again. My brain will believe whatever I tell it.
And I'm telling it to be super, ridiculously, outrageously happy.

And of course, this little guy helps with that goal.
Cuz who wouldn't be happy with him around?

Even if he is sad.
Why is he sad, you ask?
I don't know. Maybe he needs a kiss.

Maybe not.


  1.'ve made me want to experiment with my thoughts now. I'm going to try it! Let me know how it works for you, and I'll let you know how it works for me. :-)

  2. I truly believe that happiness can be a choice.

    However I also believe that depression is real.

    I obviously need to explore this more : )

    Your boy is adorable!

  3. Kelly-Oh, for sure depression is real. I have experienced my share of it after babies and as a constant thread throughout my life. But I kind of got mad at depression this last year. Seriously. I was tired of feeling bad all the time and relying on a little pill everyday to make me feel better and not having it work.

    So something clicked with me and I've decided to talk myself out of it. But it's not something I could have done 2 years ago. And I for sure am not saying that all depression can be talked away. But for now I have my little list of happy things I say everyday, and so far so good:) I just think that if the things other people say to me can affect my mood for good or bad, then maybe the things I say to myself can do the same thing.

    It's my little experiment, on myself. Ha ha.


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