Monday, October 4, 2010


I have discovered something.
About angels.
I already knew that they existed and that they don't really have wings. (why would a heavenly being need wings to fly?)
And that they are God's messengers.

But what I rediscovered, is that they are among us. Not just the glowing, Heavenly kind, but the earthly kind-people who allow themselves to be used by our Heavenly Father to bless his children.

What I also learned is that they are not just random people, strangers that step in at the last moment. They are also people we know. People we take for granted, people we see all the time.

I have been hoping, dreamin and scheming about how to get a new washer and dryer. The set I had (see that, HAD) worked just fine. But it was the same size we've had since we had just two children. And I was sincerely grateful that it kept working, despite the HUGE work load it was required to handle. But I dreamt of only doing 5-6 loads a week instead of 12.

So I dreamt away, wanting Heavenly Father to answer the prayer I carried around in my heart for a new washer and dryer. Not knowing how it would happen, or if it would happen.

Then I got the phone call.

Mom-"Are you sitting down? I have something to tell you."
Me-"What?!" (thinking, who died, who is sick, what's wrong?"
Mom-"Your dad and I just bought you and your sister new super capacity washers and dryers."
Clunk. that was me hitting the floor. Ok, not really. But I really did have to sit down. And then I stammered my confused reply.
Me-"Are you dying?" "Wait, am I dying?"
Mom-"No, you're not dying. We just felt like we should do this for you."

My sister's dryer had died the day before. Completely, to the appliance graveyard, dead.
And mine was begging for mercy.

But still. Who does that? Who buys their children new washers and dryers for no reason?

At first, I was confused, not bothered, but not sure how to handle it.

It took me a while to realize that it was a beautiful thing that had happened. Heavenly Father used my parents to bless my sister and I. Maybe you say, "Well, that's cuz your spoiled." or "Must be nice to get what you want." And I say, yes. It is nice to be spoiled and get what I want. But it's even nicer to realize that Heavenly Father knows our needs. But that it requires faith on our part and believing that He will bless us. And it requires someone listening to that inspiration to act as an angel in our life. You don't have to believe me. You can call it coincidence, parents-who-give -their-children-too-much-itis, whatever.

But the very next day, Jeff's mom called and offered us her washer, knowing that we needed something that worked better. Do you really think it's a coincidence that they both made such offers in less than 24 hours?

I believe in miracles.

I used to believe that if my parents helped me or Jeff's parents helped us, it was just because they are our parents, they have to do that kind of thing. That it was only other people who were sent as an answer to my prayers.

How wrong I was.

Last Monday, my parents were here for piano lessons. I had created kind of a hectic day for myself, and it was showing as I stood dejectedly in front of the pantry trying to think of what to make for dinner.

My dad said to me "Amy, you seem like you've had the kind of day where you need me to buy pizza for everyone".

I almost cried. I didn't need him to financially. I could have bought my own pizza. But I needed someone to validate my weariness and fatigue from being a stay at home mom of 6 children. And by offering to buy pizza he told me that my sacrifice was noted and appreciated.

Then Jeff's dad emailed a few days after that and said they would come watch the kids overnight for us so that Jeff and I could get away.

More answers to prayer.

My dad expressed to me that no one ever helped him with anything. He had to do everything his whole life. And so he wanted to make sure that wasn't the case for us. And I know that Jeff's dad's life was very similiar. They had it rough, and they didn't want that for their kids.

And I am so thankful for that element they brought to their parenting.
And I used to think that maybe they did us a disservice by helping us so much. (sorry Moms and Dads)

But I realize now that Heavenly Father knew we would have other trials to educate us and help us grow, and that our parents had overcome certain difficulties so that their children wouldn't have the same struggles in life. They changed the future of their posterity. And I am so grateful.

So don't discount the people in your life who are on errands to bless and improve your life. Accept the gift, show gratitude for it. And then be an angel for someone else, be an answer to someone's prayer.

And if for you, being an angel means bringing a washer and dryer, may I suggest the Whirlpool Cabrio?

I am in love.

Notice anything different about my laundry room? Besides the gorgeous new washer and dryer? It could be I'm giving you a sneak peek of what HomeMade Simple made for us. Here is a comparison, just to help you figure it out.


  1. Could you remind your parents of who Brad and I are? Remember us, coming around to hang out back when we were all in college? Yeah, we're still really nice people and we could definitely benefit from some high-capacity washer and driers...:)

    I've dreamt of those myself for quite some time now and you've just given me reason to keep dreaming. I'm so happy for you. I know it's the sort of thing that will literally change your life.

  2. I LOVE Grandma and Grandpa. Our washer hold twice as much and our dryer dries faster then our old, nearly broken 10 year old washer and dryer.

  3. Wells of emotion from this god loving woman, wells!
    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and have been in the same place and people have also called me spoiled but I prefer blessed!! Very very blessed!
    Amen for you and your answered prayers......
    I love when that happens and feel such relief when it does:)

  4. You are both so very lucky to have such amazing parents! They are truly in tune with the spirit. I am glad they were able to help you out when you needed it.

  5. Your parents are the BEST! Your already super-organized approach is about to get a lot better. If things go well, we will be shopping for a new set of our own in about a year - I'll have to get the performance review from you then. Your laundry room looks so fantastic I almost want to hang out in there instead of any of the rooms in my house. I LOVE the idea of the shadow boxes and drawers as shelves - igenious! It's really beautiful - how often does that go in the same sentence as laundry room?!!


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