Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby no more

2 nights ago we moved Nora out of her crib and into a toddler bed. To say it was difficult was an understatement.

But I kept my sadness about her growing up to myself. I seriously think my family is sick of me lamenting every new milestone with her. Sheesh lady, get a grip.

And she is soooo happy in her new bed. Bedtime and naptime, for now, is a breeze

But then something else happened this week that threw me for a bigger loop.

My oldest child, my first baby, wants to be a princess for what may be the last time she dresses up for Halloween. That in itself is difficult enough for me to think about.

But when she came down the stairs wearing my freshman prom dress? Well, get the smelling salts and brandy, I about passed out.

So this week felt like I lost two babies. And yes, I know they will always technically be my babies, but things really do change.

But on the plus side, Kate is now so funny that she says stuff all the time that makes me laugh and laugh.

And not the laughter you fake for your 5 year old when they tell you a joke they made up.
But really, honest to goodness, "that was hilarious" laughter.

And Nora tells me all her own "I ul you Mommy".

So, there are some upsides to this growing up thing.

And in a few years when Kate starts to drive, or Heaven forbid, date, I'll try and keep that in mind.


  1. I was a little excited at taking the crib down and putting up the toddler bed.

    Oh, and every day when I read your blog, I get emotional. I love you and I love our wonderful children!

  2. You know, I've been where you're still going. Just think - my oldest daughter has 6 children - the oldest and the youngest both the subject of your blog today. I'm getting really old, uh, I mean, I'm more chronologically gifted these days.

  3. I just told my husband a realization I had.... When our new baby is 5 our oldest will be the same age he was when we got pregnant with her... How is that for scary......

  4. I feel ya, I'm still resisting the toddler bed with this last one, he's safe and sound and doesn't try to get out and he sleeps all night(most the time anyway)
    You also had me laughing my pants off.. I did however get stuck at the wear your dress for a Halloween costume, what does that say about your taste WAY back then eh?!?! ;-)
    he he he he

  5. Janet-ha ha ha ha!

    I did think that about the dress. About how 21 years ago (yikes) I loved that dress so much, and now it passes as a princess dress for Halloween.

    Oh well, at least it's getting a second life:)

    Jen-I can't even fathom that. So I'm going to shut the thought out, and bury it, deep, deep down.

  6. I can't even believe I babysat Kate and Julia and Charlie once upon a time. But especially Kate...when I see her on your blog now, I just see a little lady. I know you're her mom and have to say nice things about her, but I could tell way back when that she was just plain great!

  7. What an amazing privilege to watch your children grow, though. You may be sad to see them growing up, but you should be so proud that they're growing up so well!

    (And as for Kate and driving: Won't it be nice to have her help transport the younger ones when the time comes? Mom can go to the spa whilst big sis drives the others to soccer practice. Awesome!)

  8. Isn't it great to be able to have grown-up conversation with your teen? Joey is the same way. His sense of humor catches me by surprise and I love to tell him how genuinely funny he is. (and I love that he IS genuinely funny!) But, yea...the prom dress thing... I'd lose a few hours of sleep over that one! haha!

    I love Grandma Granger's comments. It is true that everything with your first child is 'a first', no matter how old they are (or how old YOU are!)

    Oh, and rock, too. :-)


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