Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A word on being "cool"

When we were at the ranch, I wanted the kids and I to try a pose where we looked cool.

Cuz, you know, we're cool.

Nora is so cool, that she wouldn't even look at the camera.

Then, of course, we got a shot of the real us.

I didn't want Jeff to be left out, so I took a "cool" shot of him.

Funny how his "cool" pose is the exact same as his I'm-too-goofy-for-real life-pose. So I only had to take one picture.

So, are we cool because we're not cool? Or are we not cool because we try to be cool?

Do people even say things are cool anymore?

And have I now used the word cool so much that I'm no longer cool, cuz cool people don't talk about how cool they are?

Dang it.

And I so wanted to be cool.


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