Friday, June 18, 2010


I just dropped off my four oldest children at their cousins house for a sleep over.

Jeff is playing with Henry and Nora in the other room.

And it is summertime.

School is out. No lunches to make in the morning, no alarm going off waay too early. No homework or projects to worry about (cuz when you're kids are in school, so are you-it requires a ton of parent participation in elementary school, which I hate. Does that make me a bad mom? I'm not sure).

The weekend is upon us and I feel spicy right now. I don't know what it is, my hair is a little bigger today, leaning more toward rocker than mom, I have dark purple eyeshadow on and my Converse. And I just feel ready for something.

Could it be Thai food? Is that the pizazz I'm looking for? Or a suspenseful movie? Or maybe making an appointment to get blonde streaks through my hair?

I know, I really live on the edge.

But something's up. Somewhere between dropping the kids off and sitting in really bad traffic for an hour and a half, I just felt something light up inside.

It could be the excitement of the two youngest in bed later, and Jeff and I just kickin it BY OURSELVES with popcorn, diet pop and a movie.

~(Or it could be that now I'm annoyed cuz I'm too nice to tell some guy who just called that I don't want to do the telephone survey that lasts 15 minutes)

So now I have to go get un-annoyed by doing one of those things I mentioned.

I think I'm picking Thai Food. I've had a hankerin for it for about a week. And I feel like rocker hair and Thai food just go together.

And yes, I just said hankerin.

Have a great weekend!


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