Friday, June 4, 2010

the Cutest thing and the Saddest thing

I love baby feet. I think they are without a doubt, one of the cutest things on the face of the planet.

I love to kiss them, put them against my cheeks and just revel in the beauty of the human baby foot.

After bathtime for Nora yesterday, upon the aforementioned kissing of her feet, I noticed little slivers in her right foot. Presumably from running barefoot in the mulch.

Now, as any parent or caregiver knows, removing slivers from the bottom of a child's foot can be near to holding down a cougar. Kids hate it!

And Nora is no exception.

Having a paranoia about leaving slivers in her feet, I sandwiched her between my legs so that I could hold her still enough to try and get at the 5 little slivers.

Needless to say, but I will still say it, she squirmed and cried and screamed and wailed. Even as I tried my best to be gentle.

Pretty soon the crying included her saying "mommy!mommy!mommy!".

If that wasn't enough to kill me, then she started crying "hep(help) me, hep me, hep me!" and reaching in the direction of the door.

That did me in. I kept telling her, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!, but she still looked at me as if I was the most wretched person in existence.

And I felt like the most wretched person in existence. And that is why, she still has 3 slivers in her feet.

Which I hope her daddy will be able to remove tonight. Then when she cries "hep me, hep me" I can swoop in and save her. And perhaps she will have forgotten what a mean mommy I am.

Of course, then she may think daddy is the meanest ever, but he's tough.

Unlike me, who turns into a big, mushy ball of sap when my babies are sad.

The end.


  1. Totally reminds me of when I had to hold my baby down while the ER doc worked on her split open head. I had to basically give her a body slam and she was wrapped up tight in a blanket. She was barely talking at the time and it broke me when she screamed "Mommy- UP!"

    I will never never forget that. It was the day after my husband Deployed to Iraq.... crying now.

  2. we have found that sometimes just a good soaking bath will remove those little slivers.

    You're a sweet momma!

  3. Echoing Wulf, Doc says just to soak them in warm soapy water. They will work themselves out, and the clean water keeps them from infection.

  4. You crack me up! My sister is the same way ;)

    I'm the mean one, if it's necessary I'll do it no matter how mad/upset you get... But then again I just cry with them while I do it and after I kiss them so much they can't wait to get away from me..
    All I have to do these days is mention peroxide and they let me clean with soap and water whatever is bleeding :)


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