Monday, December 2, 2013

Kate the great

16 years ago I was the very young mother (23!) of a redheaded wee babby.

She was round and pink and never slept it seemed, cried all the time, and spit up on me constantly.

I was in love.

She is still redheaded, but she sleeps now and cries at sad parts in movies.

And she loves clothes. LOVES THEM! Hence the shoes she had been eyeing forever.

 She had a really fun birthday surprise as well. She had asked this very nice boy that we go to church with if he would go to TOLO with her. (I will share those pictures soon).
She asked him with the help of Henry and Nora and Nora's little pink Mustang.

So he answered back this way.

He said yes. On her birthday even:)

Kate also loves the piano, so my mom bought her tickets to see the Piano guys. She might have been a little excited.

And then we surprised her one more time by having two of her cousins show up with Grandmas and Grandpa Granger. That's Emily twirling her hair, and you can see the back of Megans head. Sadly, that is all the pictures I have of them because all the rest were fuzzy. Stink pot.

Kate very rarely asks for a regular birthday cake for her birthday. Some years it's been apple crisp, other years pumpkin bars/cake.

This year I asked her how she felt about a chocolate fountain.

She might have loved it.

Now if you're asking yourself why such a low key 16th birthday, especially after the effort that went into Julia's birthday, do not doubt our love for Kate.

This is what she wanted. At this point she knew very few people well enough to want them over for her birthday., So despite our best efforts at being annoying parents, we finally backed off and let her pick what she wanted to do.

And the chocolate fountain made it a party. Being sick from the chocolate fountain made it an awesome party!

Kate is now 16 years old. She has gone on her first date. She is driving. She is preparing for life after highschool.



What was I saying? Oh yeah, my baby thinks she's big enough to do things without us.

Get back in your crib baby.

No really, it is surreal that I am pretty much done raising her. She is a fantastic young woman with goals and dreams that will bring her huge amounts of happiness and satisfaction.

We are so proud of her. ( She is going to LOVE that I posted this picture of her when she was 11. )

Things you should know about Kate-

She is dazzling. Inside and out. Her lovely, put together and stylish exterior only hints at the glorious inside that she possesses.

She is smart. Like crazy smart.

She is a fabulous second mom older sister. I couldn't run the house without her and Julia. They make my life much easier.

She knows who she is. She has not had to spend her teenage years figuring out her identity. She just knows.
What an enviable gift to possess.

She is always honest and kind. I have decided that she is missing the genetics to utter an unkind word. No joke.

She has been a gift since she arrived on this earth. I am grateful to have been trusted enough by my Heavenly Father to raise her.

We have 2 years and 10 months with her until she goes on a mission and starts the rest of her life.
That is awesome and sad all at the same time.

She will be amazing at whatever she does and I know she will be fine.

But she will always have two parents waiting here whenever she needs us.

We love you darling. Happy 16th Birthday!

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