Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Every Mama thinks her children are the most spectacular, the most wonderful and beautiful creatures ever.

That's because it's true, for each of us.

Children are a gift.

7 Years ago, we were in the middle of the MBA program at BYU. We were just given our fifth gift..

We named him Henry.

He was round and chubby. But not scratched. That's just the photo.

But that little boy grew. He stayed as cute and sweet, not quite as chubby:)

But now instead of sandy shells, he loves Spiderman

And opening presents, apparently.


Henry is a squishy. Do you have a squishy at your house?

He's the child that just sort of melts into you when you hug him. He's snuggly and soft, and well, just squishy.

He is also kind and loving. He really is. We have this little friend who loves Henry. She calls him Haundry.

She bosses him slightly, convincing him to be her puppy. But it's ok because she's two. And he loves it. He never gets annoyed.

The other night she picked up a purse and said, "Come on Haundry. Lets go to Fred Meyers."

She seemed pretty confident he would listen. He's nice like that.

He will be a husband like his daddy someday. I just know it.

Thoughts on Henry.

Henry is a sensitive little man. Mainly because he does not understand when others are unkind. Simply because he would never purposefully hurt anyone's feelings. Ever. It's just not in his makeup.

He has this giggle. I don't know how to explain it. But when you hear it, if it doesn't touch your soul and make you happy just hearing it, then, well, you must be a grouch. Or an ogre. Or a grinch. Something grumpy.

He loves all of his siblings. But Anne Marie and Nora are his best friends. They are together constantly.
He plays dolls with them. They play Legos with him.
They perform plays, pretend they are different animals, play school even.

It's awesome and I hope they all stay the best of friends forever.

He is loyal. If you are good to him, he will be good to you. Always.

He loves his daddy. A lot. Which is nice. His dad is such a good example. I'm glad that Henry adores him so much.

Someday Henry will be grown up. But he will still be my squishy. He will still let me hug him and kiss his head. I hope.

Happy Birthday Mr. Henry. We love you.

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  1. I laughed and cried when I read this post. Why do they have to grow up? Haundry!! That will forever be etched into my mind. I love these tributes to your beautiful children. I feel so blessed to be making memories with your family! I am also grateful for the fine example the Kate and Julia are to my girls. Love your family! xoxo


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