Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Living vicariously through my teenage daughters:)

Do you remember being a teenage girl? I mean, if you are a girl. I do. It was a fun time full of friends, boys and unattainable famous people that I could pine away for.

Well, as luck would have it, my girls are normal teenage girls. They have a few love interests that while a few years older than them, are totally worth the time devoted to adoring them.

So when I learned that one of these young men was touring with Carrie Underwood, I thought, what a great Christmas present.

The girls knew they were getting concert tickets for Christmas. What they didn't know is that instead of the nosebleeds I claimed we got, we really were 22 rows back on the floor.

We were happy enough that we would be seeing Carrie Underwood.

But what they were REALLY waiting for was this young fella. Mr. Hunter Hayes.

I know my camera phone pictures are blurry and low quality, but man I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces when Hunter came onstage.

It was a super fun night and as an old lady, I was really impressed with those young singer people;)

Hunter Hayes writes all his own songs, and played every instrument on his album. He plays a crazy amount of instruments. And he is adorable and cute and a great singer. And he's 21. What girl WOULDN'T be in love with him?

But since I am old enough to be his mother, I can just enjoy his music and talent without swooning.

And Carrie Underwood? The girl can sing. She put on a really good show too. So even though we weren't there for her, it was really awesome getting to listen to her.

My girls are pretty big fans of Hunter. But nothing could match the frenzy I went through over New Kids on the Block. Posters, watches, t-shirts, large buttons, 3 concerts and one amazing glimpse of Jonathan Knight from behind a chain link fence.

That is why I never make fun of ANYONE for the bands they love. I lived it. It later transferred to different genres. Yes, I outgrew NKOTB. But I will always say that my first musical love was Jordan, Donny, Joey, Danny and Jonathan.

And yes, I thought their hair was AMAZING. I was going to marry Donny by the way:) (I never noticed before that Jordan kind of looks like a girl) They're coming back on tour. Hmmmmmm......


  1. How fun Amy!! I love Carrie Underwood! I've never heard of Hunter Hayes, but I'm sure it was a fun concert. LOVE IT! And, how did we get so old???


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