Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to school blues

I am not a mother who gets excited about my kids going back to school.

I love them home with me.

So as Christmas break came to an end, I found myself melancholy. But instead of being sad that they are all back at school, instead I'm going to share joyful pictures of our time together as a family.

 For a few days we escaped to Long Beach.

And blessedly, gloriously, we had a whole day of gorgeous weather.

A day of sunshine somehow rejuvenates and soothes the soul.

And because some of my family are crazy, they actually took their shoes and socks off and went in the water.

Jeff was busy taking some of these pictures, so you can't see that he is also insane.

Suffice it to say that there may have been some crying as the now soaking wet children realized that they had to walk a half a mile back to our time share, sandy, wet and very cold.

Yeah, we're good parents like that.

And I discovered that my oldest children will still hold my hand.


As Julia would say, "I want to know who invented school. Cuz I hate them."

I miss my children. It was a wonderful two weeks with them home. And having Jeff home for almost a week was simply heavenly.

I love my family. And I will try and not begrudge the school system for the required 180 days a year. Jerks:)


  1. :) I wish mine didn't fight constantly, I'd never want them to leave.....

  2. A good old winter trip to the coast will do wonders for the soul, won't it? And, I agree about the kids. I love having them home. Although, I will say that I still have six days left (we get 3 weeks) and it is getting a little long. I promised Sam I'd get in the inflatable kayak with him tomorrow (I'm getting desperate for entertainment) - it's a little small, and we're a little big. I'm kind of wishing school was here....:)


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