Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas was lovely around these parts.

I hope my children all felt loved and understood that Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, not just opening presents.

I'm not sure though. I felt a little off this year, and worried that the Christmas spirit was lost a little in the hustle and bustle.

But I do know that my two oldest were especially excited about one of their gifts.

They had each asked for working vintage typewriters. After looking for said gifts, I saw that on this side of the mountains, there were in the 100 dollar range. When I told them I would be happy to get those for them, but that it would be there only gift, they were disappointed but decided to forgo the expensive gifts.

Well, I enlisted the help of my "find anything" in laws, and they miraculously found two working, 1940's typewriters. One for 10 bucks, and one for 20. Yup, I did a happy dance.

They were the last gift to be unveiled. Only because we almost forgot about them hidden under a blanket.

The girls were both really happy, but confused when the saw the cases. Kate thought they were just neat old suitcases. I wish I had a picture of their faces when I opened the cases. It was pretty priceless honestly.

They sat at those babies typing away most of Christmas.

And it's been fun hearing the ticking of them typing away in their bedrooms. They both love the 40's, thank you very much Captain America, and they have an awesome Grandpa who worked a miracle this Christmas.

How was your Christmas?


  1. Did you happen to see what Santa brought for us? A "new" vintage typewriter. Ruby is on it right now, as I type this. I found it in some crazy store in Khobar. It's a brand new Olympia brand. No electricity, just good old finger power. They LOVE it! I have been looking for cool ones like you got the girls, but they have been WAY too expensive. My kids LOVE this thing. All Christmas break while the rest of the world have been on their new electronic gyzmo's, our kids have been typing their hearts out. Love it! This is Teresa, BTW


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