Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Letting Jeff have his way

Hello! Yes. I'm alive.

We're finishing up all the last stuff for school.

Awards nights, final choir concerts, last projects,etc.

I'm so ready for summer.

It's weird, I always look forward to school starting so that I can get back into a routine and get organized.

But then I look forward to school getting out for practically the same reason.

I'm random like that.  Or maybe you all are the same?

One of the things that we have done over the last week was to go to Maple Valley Days.

We've lived here 4 years and have never gone before. Mostly because we either had a small baby, or the youngest kids were young enough that the thought of trying to wrangle them during a parade and then in a large crowd for another 5 hours after that made me feel nutso!

But mostly because I just have not wanted to go. I'm fussy that way.

But this year Jeff persisted. He really wanted to get out of the house and go. So we did. And thankfully, it didn't rain!!!!

The lack of rain was a miracle. It was still cold, especially in the morning for the parade, but it didn't rain! We all had coats and blankets, on June 2nd for crying out loud!!!

And of course in all my planning that would keep things free or cheap, like bringing our own lunch, I forgot the camera. What kind of blogger am I?

Luckily Jeff pulled out his phone and at least recorded that we were there.

That balloon Charlie's holding? Um, he spent a good amount of time annoying us and those around us by making it "scream". Jeff finally had enough, and popped it with his pen. Good parenting? Maybe not. Thankful parade neighbors who were sitting near us? Most definitely.

We also let the kids go on 1 of the amusement rides.

Why am I so mean and only let them go on one ride? Because the rides were 3 or 4 dollars, each!

I'm sorry. That's ridiculous.

But a bunch of local churches sponsored a free kids area that had bouncy houses and free games, a magic show and entertainment.

We spent most of the time there. And I am sooo grateful. Cuz by the time we left, the kids forgot that they only rode one ride.

All in all, I'm glad we went. And I even admitted that to Jeff. I don't love crowds, they give me anxiety when the kids are with us. And I hate spending money on expensive rides and overprices fair food.  But the kids had so much fun and were so easy to put to bed, that it was worth it.

How was your weekend?


  1. So, I popped two balloons that he had. Then, I felt bad and said sorry and made sure he had a third balloon. Not a proud moment. But, we had a great time except that, I think.

    Sorry Charlie.

  2. sounds like fun, but what's up with the weather? least you didn't get rained out!!

    the balloon part of your story is too funny!!


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