Friday, June 15, 2012

Fantastic year

Our middle school has an awards night at the end of every school year.

Julia was invited to attend since she was receiving something. We weren't entirely sure what it all would be.

We knew she would receive the all A's award because she has busted her hiney this year. She did really well last year as well, with a 3.7. But something clicked in her and she decided that wasn't good enough.

But I told her, now that I know you can do this.........

But the surprise of the night was the departmental award for Math. There might have been some whooping and hollering from the Allen section (Kate!!!).

As you can see, Julia is preeety please with herself. As she should be:)

And my younger kids were just happy to be out of the house obviously.

The conquering school girl. She has every right to look that darn proud!


  1. Go Julia! What an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Nice work! Julia is the smartest...just like her Aunt was in Allen's 1.0

  3. Kate got a 4.0 for the year as well. And her math teacher said she has exceptional ability in math.(She took geometry this year-in 8th grade!!!) They just don't have an awards night in junior high. I did pretty well in high school, but this math ability my children all seem to have? That is definitely from Jeff!!!!

  4. Sooo proud of you Julia! Great Job! Great Job to Kate too! Love you!

  5. That is so AWESOME!! Way to go Julia!!!


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