Friday, September 28, 2018

Birthday in Disneyland

So this year for birthdays, I offered to the kids to have experiences instead of presents. And being so close to California makes that a lot easier than it might have been in the past. (one perk for living in Vegas)

So Henry chose to spend his 12th birthday at Disneyland. And I wasn't going to complain so off we went. We got a park hopper and went to Disneyland and California Adventure. The Guardians of the Galaxy ride was awesome (formerly tower of terror) but it made my nervous system so jumpy that I giggled for about 5 minutes after ward. Which prompted Henry to ask a few time, "Are you ok mom?"

I let him hair spray his hair blue for his birthday. And he got a button since it was his actual birthday and he's a quiet kid but he enjoyed having everyone say, "Happy Birthday Henry"

My favorite part? He held my hand almost everywhere we went. I didn't ask him too. He just reached over and grabbed it and my mama heart nearly burst out of my chest. I love this boy. Oh so much. He is tender and sweet, funny and kind and he wasn't embarrassed, at 12, to hold my hand. So, so grateful that Heavenly Father let me be his mom.

On the way home, there was a wild fire that shut down the freeway, our only way home, for 4 hours. So we got food, found a good book on how to draw Spider Man and just chilled and talked. 

Such a great experience to be one on one with out kids. To hear their thoughts on life without anyone interrupting. Focusing on an experience rather than just stuff made his birthday one of the best experiences ever. And guess what? He didn't miss the stuff;)

Happy birthday Henry. You are one of a kind:)

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