Saturday, August 12, 2017

A day in Vegas life

Because the school year starts so early here, on Monday yo! that means cross country has already started. One of Anne Marie's workouts was at 6 in the AM. Which means yours truly got to drive her. I love Washington, I think it is the most beautiful place I have seen in this country. But Nevada has its share of majesty and beauty unlike anything I've been around. 

Exhibit A:

6 am Sunrise

Also, I just think its awesome that Anne Marie can run in the heat. I turn bright red, wilt and then die.

And then what is Vegas without splash pads, pools and lots of water activities to cool you down when it is still 108 degrees at 7 PM? 

We love new adventures. But this is the craziest for us. I never thought that I would say I live in Vegas. Which technically I actually live in Henderson. But close enough. 2 miles away close in fact. Not to the strip. I cannot see the strip from my house. I forget its there. We live in a neighborhood. Not across from the Bellagio. Its actually just a normal place with shopping (lots) and nice people (lots). And lots and lots of air conditioning. 

Stay tuned:)

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