Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm dreaming of a 90's Christmas

I love Christmas, decorating for Christmas, buying people presents for Christmas, baking for Christmas and so forth and so on. When Kate was a brand new baby I decided to make stockings for us. They were so cute and oh so 1997. But I didn't know they would one day be described as "1997". They were just cute and the decorating style I enjoyed at the time. As other babies came along I bought similar stocking kits so that I could make everyone else lovely "1997" stockings. But now, I have been told, "Mom, so many of your decorations are 90's". Yes my darlings, that is because THAT is when I made them. I have other, modern decor that I also love and what I end up with is an eclectic mix of items from 20 years of happy Christmas's that I can look at and love and be reminded of beautiful times in our lives. So the mantle is 2016, the stockings are 1997 and everything else is a beautiful mix of the two.

I love our sweet tree, and each and every ornament. Some are 20 years old, some are from the dollar store, some are precious others are not. But again, its just us somehow. I love looking at the beautiful photos of Christmas decor. White and silver and gold and burlap and vintage. It delightful. And maybe someday, as the kids grow up and take their stockings with them, and ask for the now "vintage" 90's decor for their own houses, I will do that.  Until then, its eclectic and mixed decades for this gal. 

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