Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For the beauty of the earth

Yesterday my aunt Cathy and I took a little journey down to the Columbia River.

The river is very low right now because of a crack in the dam a ways down.

This mean the bridge that goes over the Columbia River is more exposed and you can see the crossbeams underneath.

My aunt knew this from a friend and so she decided to drive over to see it. I also highly suspect it was to see her cute guy friend as well;)

But I got to go along for the ride. And she bought me McDonalds:)

As we stood looking out over the river, I was struck by how beautiful the state of Washington is. On the west coast you have rain forests and lush, green beauty everywhere you look.

Central Washington gives you rolling hills and checkerboard farmland.

And then Eastern Washington gives you vistas and dessert and the Columbia River.

I was so excited about my bursting love for the state of Washington that when I got home I wanted to tell Jeff all about how our state is the only one that has such diversity in it's type of beauty.


Until I started thinking about it. "Well, I guess Oregon has a great variety too. Oh, and I suppose people in California love the diversity of landscapes there as well. And I'm willing to bet that people in...."

You get the picture.

I love where I live. But really, this entire country is bursting with beauty, wonders and diverse climates and landscapes that bless the lives of those who live there. And I have seen it in the states we've actually lived in-Wisconsin, Utah, Washington and Rhode Island. And all the states we've traveled in between.

And I believe, fully, that all of this beauty was a gift from our Heavenly Father. He loves us so much that he thought of beautiful ways to enrich our lives. The beauty of the Earth is just one of them.

Have a blue sky, sunshine filled day!

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