Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's really happening....

This is actually real.

After living in this house longer than we've lived anywhere else in 17 years of marriage, we are on our way out.

We close on this house May 24th. Crazy.

I have been packing already simply because I know that it will take me that long to get it all done in the way I like it.

Meaning, in a way that will not make unpacking turn into a search and rescue operation.

Which means that so far, no one else is allowed to help me pack:) I can't handle seeing someone just throw stuff into a box and not have the entire contents of the box belong together. OCD? No. Just a lot of experience with packing and unpacking.

My house looks so sad right now. A little lost without it's decor and with boxes everywhere.

And no, we don't have anywhere to live in Ellensburg yet. We have a line on something, but nothing confirmed yet.

Am I worried? I'd be a liar if I didn't say a little. But honestly, just a little.

We have had so many miracles in the past 2 months, and we both feel so directed and good about this move that for the most part I feel peaceful and happy and that everything will work out.

The other feeling of occasional panic I just have to squash down from time to time and then the peaceful feelings return.

And while I have you here, if you were staying in  an empty house for 2 weeks while you were in between  your house selling and your kids being out of school, what would you take? Taking into consideration that we will not be eating out hardly at all.

I am a little curflumoxed on what I should bring. Air mattresses and blankets and pillows seem a no brainer, but what kitchen items will I need for two weeks?

Thoughts are greatly appreciated:)


  1. My parents were in this perdicament and they just used our camping stuff. We cooked on the grill a lot and used the dutchovens. We also just used 1 set of dishes from camping. Everyone had their own color dish so we knew whose was whose. It made it easy for my parents to act like we were camping for 3 weeks. Good luck!

  2. even though i never see you, i'm so sad you're leaving!! it's always fun to run into you when i'm at target or wherever!!

    but....are you having a garage sale? you should! for me!! to help you make money!


    but really, i'm serious!!

  3. Good Luck! I'm guessing you'll need to make a meal plan and then make sure you have all of the dishes, pots, etc., that you'll need to make all of that. Camping-style is a good idea (it would kill me, but you have a much better sense of humor and will have fun with it). We didn't have power for a few days during Hurricane Sandy and it was a challenge. But there are actually lots of simple foods you can make with just one pot or that don't require cooking. But planning is essential unless you have lots of cash to eat out. Have a great adventure! I hope you guys land in the perfect spot :>)

  4. Been there, done that (I was also 38 weeks pregnant with #7). So, about the food. Greatest thing to do there is get a ton of fresh veggies and fruits and keep them chopped up in ziploc bags in the fridge. Bring something different out each time and serve. You can also do this with meat and rice. Kind of picnic style, it gets boring but no one will die. Also eggs are great and cheap. We ate eggs for at least one meal a day. You need only a good knife, ziploc bags, a large frying pan, a cookie sheet, and a spatula. Also a big pot with a lid is handy for making rice or beans and noodles. I have lived for weeks like this before! Good luck! Also I would buy good quality styrofoam dishes and reuse them, but throw them out when you leave. love cold cereal...


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